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Outdoor Adventures In San Ignacio, Belize

For you adventure junkies, check out the following 17 epic outdoor activities around San Ignacio, Belize:

Make Chocolate The Mayan Way


How many of you knew that chocolate was discovered on this side of the world by the Europeans who came exploring? How many of you knew that the local Maya called it xhocolatl? Not too far off from what its’s called now. When in San Ignacio, you may opt to go on the local Ajaw chocolate tour where you can learn exactly how to prepare traditional style xocolatl. San Ignacio is home to over 20 Belize resorts for you to choose from.

 Go Spelunking

While Belize isn’t home to the multitude of cenotes that Mexico offers, we aren’t devoid of limestone rock formations, and much less devoid of creativity on how to have fun around them. Caves branch cave system is host to the black hole drop, an activity advertised as “not for the faint of heart” which features an almost 30 story rappel down into a limestone sinkhole. Again – not for the faint of heart. Proceed with adrenaline ;).

Horseback Ride to Xunantunich

Horseback riding can be one of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences to have. More so when you’re allowed to canter past the fence and ride your noble steed to one of Belize’s highest Mayan ruins. There are few cooler feelings than riding your horse through Belize like an explorer of old.

Scale Mayan Temples

Since you already got here on horseback, why not give your majestic ride a rest and scale the towering temples that surround you? Xunantunixh isn’t the only temple around San Ignacio, Cahal Pech near the apex of the town offers a more tranquil climb for those more prone to fear of heights. If you really enjoy verticality, Caracol is the perfect fit for you, the largest temple at the site still holds bragging rights as the tallest structure in the country, truly for the bravest of the brave!

Splashing at Rio On Pools and Rio Frio Caves


This is two for one feature, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is home to many adventures in Belize. one with the perfect mix of exploration is the Rio Frio cave and Rio On Pools combination. sitting along the same road, we suggest shooting long for Rio Frio for some cool exploration and then cooling off at the pools later on to kill the exhaustion. Pack a picnic for lunch and some flashlights too!

Cave Crawl To Find Ancient Maya


So you don’t want to rappel the height of a building to check out cave formations? That’s quite alright; Aktun Tunichil Muknal and Barton Creek caves might be the perfect fit for you. ATM cave is an adventure on overdrive with no long falls, you get to crawl climb and swim through one of the Maya’s ancient ceremonial centers. Barton Creek cave is decidedly more serene; canoeing through this cave allows you to take in the sights without having to get tired to find them.

Fly over 1000ft falls in your own Helicopter

Do you like soaring high above the ground? Do you like taking photos while doing so? Astrum helicopters allow you to charter your very own private helicopter tour that will take you up and over just about anywhere you’d like to see in Belize. Pack your cameras and practice your aircraft controller jargon because these choppers and their ace pilots will take you on a soaring ride you won’t soon forget!

River Tube Downstream

Chaa Creek -River-Tubing

River tubing is one of the most serene ways to take in scenic the Mopan river. A popular departure area is Bullet tree falls, a small village just 1 mile outside of San Ignacio. We suggest the Mopan and not Macal for tubing as the Mopan is more mellow flowing and has less shallow rapids than the Macal. Pack a floating ice box with your favorite drinks, sunglasses and take off – just

Hike The Maya Mountains in Pine Ridge

Are you eager to get out and get exploring? If yes then the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve is the place for you! With the wealth of rock formations and traveled trails, streams and waterfalls you could spend days in MPR and still not see it all. Hiking around taking photos and absorbing the sights could be your escape from everyday life :). BONUS: Here’s 4 hard-to-reach destinations worth the trek!

Learn to cook like the Maya did

You learned to make xocolatl at Ajaw already and find yourself craving more Mayan style goodies? The San Antonio Women’s Group are experts in traditional Maya style cooking and Maya dishes. Learn to make corn tortillas from start to finish, tamales and corn porridge from scratch and yourself become an expert yourself.

Zip-line At Calico Jack’s

Belize Rainforest Zipline

Calico Jack’s Village offers you the chance to almost literally fly through the jungle canopy. Their Zip lining tours, available in three stratifications and a night zip-line tour sends you gliding on cables in between and over trees in some of Belize’s most pristine Jungle settings.

Have A Romantic Sunset Dinner

Picture yourself having a film-esque dinner, on a hilltop, as the golden-hued sun sets over the rolling hills in the distance while an ancient Maya temple watches over you from afar. At the Chaa Creek lookout, which is a Mayan mound in itself, you can look out over the western landscape of Belize with your special someone and enjoy an incredibly romantic time. Pair this with a fine wine to top your evening off, and thank us later.

Cliff Diving Off Big Rock Falls


One could spend an entire day at Big Rock Falls. swimming in the pools under the falls and swimming up under it. Probably the most enjoying activity, however, is diving off the different rock faces on the side into the deep pools below.

Dirt Bike Around Town

Sidewalk Sage bike rentals in San Ignacio have had the wonderful idea to rent possibly the most fun and useful mode of transportation around this mountainous town; Dirt Bikes. Skip the buses, taxis, and all that hassle by jumping on one of these and be the master of your own adventure. The rugged nature of these bikes makes them great for the bumpy back roads in the area and are fuel efficient; gets you there and back for not very much at all.

Enjoy Organic Farm-To-Table Dining

Belize always offers the best of what we have in an every which way, and that extends to our food as well. we’ve never been much for chain restaurants or GMO crops here, we prefer to keep it fresh, wholesome and tasty. The Mariposa restaurant at The Lodge at Chaa Creek and Guava Limb Cafe in San Ignacio feature fresh-picked veggies from their Maya Organic Farm which are used in all their dishes.

ATV Jungle Tour

If you’re already near the Cave’s Branch area you might want to try the Jungle ATV tour. Take a quad bike out into the wilderness and plug through mud and jungle in this cool safari-style adventure, be sure to pack some boots and extra clothes because it does get messy!

Glamping and Camping

It’s not all luxury accommodations around San Ignacio. If you like to “rough it” in the wilderness there are an array of options for both clamping and camping in and around town. Choose from Camp Casitas in the rain forest at Chaa Creek or well-maintained campgrounds near the heart of town for an “urban jungle” experience.

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