Post US Presidential Election Belize Vacation

US Presidential Post-Election Vacation in Belize Made Easy!

Already have a case of election fever? Suffering from Ballot Box Blues? Feel a White House hangover coming on?


Fear not! Our Post Election Relaxation Vacation offers the perfect presidential prescription to soothe those tired nerves and refresh and revitalize even the most hardened campaigner with the chance to stay at one of many available Belize resorts.

With eco-luxe lodgings, scrumptious farm-to-table dining and a wide range of healthy activities designed to help chase those post-election blues, this three-day, all-inclusive Belize vacation package is guaranteed to help lift your spirits, put a smile back on your face and, whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, get you ready for the New Year.


This specially priced three-day stress-buster includes:

  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Full breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Entry into our 400-acre Rainforest Reserve
  • Guided tours of our Natural History Museum and Butterfly Farm
  • Access to our Ruta Maya Trail System
    • Horseback Riding through Jungle Trails or  Spa treatment with jungle serenade
  • Mountain Biking
  • Canoeing on the Macal River
  • Early morning bird walk with one of our naturalist guides
  • RTV Tour
  • Creatures of the Night Tour
  • A guided Interpretive Tour of our Maya Medicinal Plant Trail


Contact your travel agent and see what a few days of exquisite pampering and healthy outdoor activities will do to lift those post-election spirits. We think you deserve it!

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